Cà de Pria Albenga

Welcome to Albenga(Arbenga in Ligurian, Albingaunum in Latin)

Albenga is an Italian town of 24.081 inhabitants, in the province of Savona, in Liguria. It is the second biggest city in the province and it extends its influence to over 60 thousand people, second only to Savona. Albenga is famous for its historical towers.

History of the city

Initially, Albenga was an ancient of Ligurian inheritage, to then become a roman Municipium. It then became a Medieval town: the river mouth changed its features during this time, while the city also was busy at war with the city of Genova, which imposed its military presence in the area. During these dark times Albenga loses its ancient maritime strength, and richness, due to a shift of maritime activitites towards the nearby city of Alassio, which was safer. Since those times, Albenga's economy is based mainly on agriculture. Subsequently under French domination, Albenga was given to the Savoia family. Under all these dominations Albenga will not recover to its ancient importance, until the 19th Century, during which improtant landscaping works were done to improve the water discharge of Centa river, and thus boosting the agricultural potential of the surrounding lands. Albenga quickly grows and updates its architecture with modern standards, and has kept growing steadily until modern days, during which it is a worldwide exporter of premium produce of its fertile lands.

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Typical products and cool facts

The plain onto which Albenga is built (ciana d'Arbenga in ligurian dialect) is the biggest in Liguria and originates from the sediments of Arroscia, Neva and Pennavaire torrents, which merge together in the vicinities of the city, to form the Centa river. With a total surface of over 45 km2, the plain is surrounded by the towns of Ceriale, Cisano sul Neva, Ortovero and Albenga. In 1924 all of the wetlands which naturally were present until then, were dried. Typical local produce includes a world famous breed of asparagus, pumpkins, tomatoes, artichokes and olive trees.

source: wikipedia

Old town and Monumens

In walking distance from your room you will find:

  • Ancient Roman Pathway through the hills
  • The paleo-christian baptistery
  • The Saint Gabriel's cathedral
  • Diocesan Museum
  • Albenga's museums

general information Included and additional services

Breakfast included

Within the big common room on the ground floor, every morning from 08.00 until 10.00 our guests are welcome to join the breakfast buffet with fresh fruits, freshly baked goods and coffee or tea and various beverages.


In walking distance from your room you will find easily accesible parking spaces, both for free or for an hourly fee, in Viale Liguria or Piazza del Popolo. We can also offer guarded parking spaces, for which we kindly ask you to contact us in advance.

Hostaria Sutta Cà

Within 100 meters from our rooms, you will find our family run restaurant, Hosteria Sutta Cà, where we will welcome you to try our home made dishes and typical products which we prepare daily.

Smoking policy

It is forbidden to smoke in every area of our structure.

Free Wifi

Complimentary wireless internet connection is offered to all our guests for the entirety of their stay.


Our guests with special needs are welcome to stay at our rooms, which provide accessible services.